Train Crashes Straight Into Limo Taking Teens To Sweet 16 Party!


When this group of teenagers from Elkhart County, Indiana, were preparing to go to a sweet sixteen birthday party, they didn’t imagine the devastating end that their evening would have. Sweet sixteen birthday parties are an important milestone event in every teenager’s life. It’s only natural that the party tends to be pretty special. They’ve become so important that teens will pull out all the stops when attending one. Like this group. They thought they’d arrive in style, and how else would you do this if not in a limousine?

Unfortunately for this group, their limousine decided to take a perilous path en route to the party. They were driven right over the tracks of a railway line. How they ended up in this position is unclear, but what is clear, is that the limo became instantly stuck on the tracks.

If the teenagers thought that this was bad enough, what should come along but a massive freight train, heading straight for the stranded limo. As this footage shows, on lookers desperately tried to flag down the oncoming train, in order to stop it before it crashed headlong into the vehicle. Fortunately, all of the passengers managed to escape the car before what happened next. Take a look at this shocking footage to see just how lucky these teenagers were…

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