When This Twin Was Taken Away From His Sister He Was NOT Happy. But Soon? ADORABLE!


Twins are renowned for having a special connection. They share almost everything, from mum and dad’s DNA, to the womb. It’s only natural that twins are close. When you’ve spent nine months sharing a tiny space, you have to get fairly acquainted with one another.

Some people even say that twins have a psychic connection and can tell when the other is hurt or in trouble. There’s been a fair amount of scientific research into the connection between twins, but no amount of research could compare with this amazing video.

These twins have only just been born and already their close connection is plain to see. The first little baby is born and instantly cries out for his sibling. As soon as she comes out and is placed with her brother, both little babies chill out instantly. They are so adorable. We think they’re going to be the best of friends. Well, that is until they hit their teens. Watch out, mum and dad!


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