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  • Toy Lamp

    How To Make A Totally Awesome DIY Lamp From Cheap Old Action Figures!

    It used to be a bit of a matter of some shame, digging comic books. Liking them and the movies never used to be particularly cool. But now? Almost all of the biggest releases at the cinema are Marvel. We don’t feel so bad about it anymore. So there’s no reason to be ashamed at the idea of […]

  • Padlocks

    He Shows You How To Open A Padlock With 2 Wrenches And It’s So Easy!

    If you’re anything like us, you’re probably losing tiny little objects all the time. Big keys like house and car keys, we’re fine with. We never lose them. But those itsy-bitsy little thin keys for padlocks and things? We can’t seem to keep hold of them. Well, next time you lose a key to one […]

  • Swedish Torch

    How To Make Your Own DIY All Night Campfire with Just ONE Log!

    When you’re next out somewhere camping, whether you and your co-campers are outdoors in the woods or just camped outside in your own backyard, we think you should try this cool life hack out for a roaring campfire all night long. There’s a little effort and prep work involved to begin with, but it’s worth it if you don’t require a […]

  • Hot

    Grass Bed

    He Builds A Bed For The Back Yard… But The Mattress? Weirdly Genius!

    There’s nothing quite like relaxing on a nice day and laying down on the grass, is there? That’s what Aussie DIY and gardening expert Jason Hodges thinks and we’re inclined to agree with him. Granted, for a lot of us, the weather isn’t all that great at the moment. But Spring is coming and we’re […]

  • Repurposed Rims

    How To Make A Fire Pit BBQ Out Of Old Car Rims!

    It might not feel like barbecue season to a lot of you out there with it being winter and all, but the weather will soon pick up, don’t worry about it. And when it does? You’ll be wanting to BBQ left, right and center. But who wants to spends wads of cash on a brand […]

  • Lighter

    Don’t Throw Extended Lighters Away – Follow This Clever Tip To Reuse Them!

    You know those long-handled, disposable BIC lighters you get for lighting barbecues, gas fires/hobs/stoves or out-of-reach candles? If you use them as frequently as we do, you’ll have noticed just how darn quickly they run out. It seems a shame to just throw the whole thing away though, just because it’s run out of butane gas, […]

  • floating bed

    How To Build Your Very Own Floating Bed

    Dab hand at DIY? Want something more than just a boring ‘normal’ bed? Well we might have just the thing for you. Over on Imigur, user elohwhydee posted instructions on how to make a ‘floating bed’ complete with step by step photographs. And it’s AMAZING. This is how the finished product looks. A seeming support-less […]