Here’s Why You Should NEVER Throw Out Used Airport Boarding Passes


Now, some of you smart modern types won’t even use what we’re going to talk to you about here. Boarding passes. For boarding planes when you travel in the air. Some of you will already have left those in the past and started using your smartphones and all the associated apps you can use to get you onboard an airplane. But still, a lot of us do it the old-fashioned way. With bits of cards. But we need to be careful…

Why? Well, in the wrong hands, your boarding pass could well get you into a world of trouble. Hackers and fraudsters can access all sorts of important information and data. So once you’re sat in your seat, keep hold of your stub, as criminals steal airport trash hoping to mine the precious info held in the QR barcodes.

Your name, address, telephone number, flight information and even frequent flier number are all held within those weird fuzzy black lines and can be used to defraud you out of money. So watch out. And it can all be decoded using a simple smartphone app. Scary stuff, huh? Find out more here:

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