Two Dudes Go Skiing in the Dark In LED Suits. Next? Just EPIC!


Night skiing. Have you ever thought about it? No? Well, us neither to tell you the truth. But once we saw this awesome new video illustrating what night skiing is all about… Well, we just couldn’t STOP thinking about it! It really does look like a huge amount of fun. Imagine gliding through the show while wearing a multicolored LED light suit. Just imagine!

The snowy landscapes of British Columbia and Alaska have never looked so stunning as they do here, lit up so spectacularly by these specially-created suits. Filming this was no mean feat, either. It took huge planning, preparation and skill. But the team, working for Sweetgrass Productions, got it done. And boy does it look amazing…

Mike Brown of Sweetgrass said this to Powder skiing magazine: “Shooting at night on those big faces, it’s the epitome of what skiing can be, I think, in the type of filmmaking we do. This was a very rare opportunity to have the resources to do something like this. We just decided to go all in and hope it would work out.”

This is something special. Enjoy!