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    Man With Death Wish Flies Through Two Meter Cave In A Wingsuit

    This is professional base jumper and daredevil Uli Emanuele, and in this eye-watering video he’s making an attempt to fly through a two meter-wide hole in a rock formation in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland.

    Uri discovered the hole three years ago, and set out training to fulfill his ambition to fly through it wearing a wingsuit. In the video, Uri hikes up to the hole to measure it, showing us it is two meters wide. Then he jumps from the mountain and attempts to fly through it, but narrowly misses his target. That doesn’t stop him, of course. Nothing stands in the way of this dude. He goes to the other side of the mountain, readies his suit, and jumps again. If he is successful, it will be the smallest hole anyone has ever flown through in a wingsuit.

    Will he make it on his second attempt? Check out the video to find out! But be warned – this is NOT for the faint-hearted!


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