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  • tyre production thumb

    The Process Behind Retreading Tires With This Machine Is UNBELIEVABLE!

    Did you know that you could retread tires? I didn’t! I thought they just got chucked away when they were worn out. It turns out that not only is retreading tires possible, it’s also an incredibly amazing process. The process is a perfect example of man and machine working together in harmony. The worn out tire is […]

  • Longest Truck

    Australian ‘Road Trains’ – The Biggest, Longest Trucks In The World!

    Australia. A strange country. Sure, the people are nice and the weather’s lovely. But it’s a treacherous place, with untold numbers of snakes and spiders and things to watch out for. Not only that, but place is HUGE. Cities are scattered along its coastlines, with thousands of miles between them sometimes… It makes logistics a […]

  • Contact lense

    Samsung To Make Smart Contact Lenses With Built-In CAMERAS!

    South Korean tech giant Samsung aren’t just interested in making smartphones and TVs, you know. Oh no. They’re also into changing the future. And with their latest idea? They’re certainly moving us into weird science-fiction territory! What have they come up with? Well, it’s a contact lens with a built-in camera… We’ve already seen crazy […]

  • Booby trap

    These ‘Booby Trap Bras’ Give Women Quick Access To A Knife

    Last year, Jennifer Cutrona was training for a marathon. She was out running in a woodland near her home in Texas when she was ambushed and assaulted by an assailant. She had her headphones in and was caught unawares. After recovering from the terrifying attack, Cutrona became determined to help stop similar things from happening again. So she […]

  • Bridges

    This Bridge Building Machine Is Nothing Short of Awesome!

    How are massive bridges built? We’ve seen how handmade bridges in Peru are made recently… But what about giant industrial ones? Well, in China, they’re made in a very specific and clever way indeed. By what’s known as the ‘Bridge Girder Erection Machine SLJ900’ (no laughing at the back!) Made by the Beijing Wowjoint Machinery […]

  • RC Plane

    Biggest Remote Controlled Airplane In The World… It’s SPECTACULAR!

    We’re about to see the world’s biggest remote control airplane. It’s a total beast. It’s a Boeing 747-400 and it’s been tricked out and painted to look like one of Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic fleet. This thing really is a giant. It’s got a wingspan of almost five metres (16.24ft) and it’s over five metres […]

  • Volvo

    Volvo Are About To Make ‘Death Proof’ Cars… INCREDIBLE!

    The number of people that die in road traffic crashes across the world each year is shocking. RTCs account for a significant portion of deaths, especially in younger people. And many car manufacturers are committed to helping stamp out the problem. But none more so than Swedish car giant, Volvo. The company has long been […]

  • Biggest Machine

    Your Brain Won’t Be Able To Compute How MASSIVE These Machines Are!

    If you thought that your next door neighbor’s SUV was the biggest machine in the world, you’re about to be in for a shock… We’ve got a collection of three of the planet’s most enormous man-made machines that move (quite the tongue twister, that…). And, well, they are HUGE. Unsurprisingly. Firstly, there’s the 131ft x […]

  • Ehang

    It’s The Future… The Flying Car Is FINALLY Here!

    Flying cars. An unfathomable notion that only exists in science fiction? Or a potential reality? Well, Chinese tech company Ehang claim the latter. Their new prototype flying ‘autonomous single-passenger drone‘ has just been unveiled and it could led to us all buzzing around the sky like George Jetson! We’ve seen personal helicopters before, but nothing […]