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    This Bridge Building Machine Is Nothing Short of Awesome!

    How are massive bridges built? We’ve seen how handmade bridges in Peru are made recently… But what about giant industrial ones? Well, in China, they’re made in a very specific and clever way indeed. By what’s known as the ‘Bridge Girder Erection Machine SLJ900’ (no laughing at the back!)

    Made by the Beijing Wowjoint Machinery Company, there’s only one of these totally awesome giant machines in the world. And to see it in action is a real treat. It’s a beast! This bad boy of a machine weighs in at more than 580 Tons and measures a whooping 92 meters long! It’s 7.5 meters wide and 9 meters in height! The BGEM – as we’re calling it for ease – is capable of carrying up to 900 tons stuff. Crazy, right?!

    If you’ve ever seen anything like it, we’ll be very impressed. Or think you’re lying! Check it out, it is IMMENSE!

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