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  • Funny Kid Pictures

    21 Photos That Prove That Having Kids Can Be Unbelievably FUNNY!

    ‘Kids say the funniest things!’ We’ve all heard the maxim. Heck, they’ve even made TV shows out of the phrase. And while it’s true, wee ones aren’t just amusing when they’re talking. They’re also more than capable of making us laugh with the funny things they do. And we’ve got plenty of proof of that […]

  • Blind Baby

    3 Month-Old Baby Left Blinded After Having His Photo Taken

    China. A tiny little three month year-old baby has been left blind in one eye after a family friend took a picture of him with a smartphone camera. The flash was so bright and so close to the child’s eye that irrepairble damage was done and the infant’s vision is now halved. The parents of […]

  • Stop Baby Crying

    This Clever Trick Shows You How To Stop a Baby Crying!

    How do you stop a baby crying? If you’re a parent, that’s a question you’ll have asked a thousand times. And Googled. And screamed into a crib, more than likely! Is there a catch-all trick or tip to guarantee baby soothing? Well, Robert C. Hamilton from Pacific View Pediatrics in Santa Monica, California, thinks so. […]

  • Baby

    Baby Can’t Contain Herself When Daddy Sings Her A Lullaby

    The bond between a parent and child is like no other. When a new mom or dad claps eyes on their brand new baby boy or girl, that love is immediate, unwavering and cannot be compromised. It’s a bond for life. And we’ve got some beautiful proof of that here with a dad singing a […]