Woman Receives Unsolicited Pic, What She Does With It Teaches The Guy A Well-Deserved Lesson


If you’re a female, the chances are – you’ve been sent a pic from a dude that was totally unsolicited i.e.not asked for in any way. The picture either leaves you feeling turned on, ambivalent or totally disgusted. If it’s the latter, it probably makes you wonder how men could find this kind of sexual harassment acceptable.

A woman who joined the online dating website, Let’s Date, received an infamous man-part pic and she did not take it lightly. In fact, she ended up hitting back with some pretty decent leverage.

The guy in question, with the username Trevor, decided that it would be OK to send the woman a naked selfie. The woman complains, but it seems Trevor does not care and in fact, becomes more cocky… until she threatens him with this…

Trevor Conversation 1 Trevor Conversation 2 Trevor Conversation 3 Trevor Conversation 4 Trevor Conversation 5 Trevor Conversation 6

Someone call the burn unit…

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