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‘Spine-Tingling’ Lost Bob Marley Tapes Resurface After FORTY Years Hidden In A Cellar

Lost Bob Marley Tapes

Kensal Rise, North-West London. In a damp apartment, a discovery is made. It’s a cache of old tapes. But these are no ordinary tapes. They’re master tapes. With original tracks on never heard before. The recording artist? Bob Marley!

The legendary Jamaican reggae icon and his band, The Wailers, used to stay in the flat in England’s capital when they were touring Europe. But the tapes of these jams? Lost. Until now…

The tapes were rescued from the garbage by London-based Marley fan and businessman Joe Gatt. “My friend was doing a building refuse clearance that included some discarded two-inch tapes from the 1970s,” says Gatt. “I couldn’t just stand by and let these objects, damaged or not, be destroyed so I asked him not to throw them away.”

Gatt then gave the master recordings to his friend – business partner and jazz singer – Louis Hoover. He takes up the story: “I was speechless, to be honest. It was quite comical, looking back now, as Joe was so cool and matter of fact about rescuing these global artefacts that I actually had to stop the car to check that I had heard him correctly.”

Lost Bob Marley Tapes

“When I saw the labels and footnotes on the tapes, I could not believe my eyes, but then I saw how severely water damaged they were. There was literally plasticised gunk oozing from every inch and, in truth, saving the sound quality of the recordings, looked like it was going to be a hopeless task.”

The sound was poor and needed to be cleaned up. So the two men got Sound technician specialist Martin Nichols on the case… “They really were in such an appalling condition they should have been binned, but I spent hours on hours, inch by inch, painstakingly cleaning all the gunge off until they were ready for a process called ‘baking’, to allow them to be played safely,” Nichols said.


Lost Bob Marley Tapes

“The end result has really surprised me, because they are now in a digital format and are very high quality. It shows the original recordings were very professionally made. From the current find of 13 tapes, 10 were restored, two were blank and one was damaged beyond repair.”

But, after a lot of work, the tapes were salvaged. “It made the hair on the back of our necks stand up and genuine shivers ran up our spines with joy,” Nicholls says when describing listening to the lost tapes for the first time.

Lost Bob Marley Tapes

“The experience was comparable to, say, finding Van Gogh’s easel, paint pallet and paints in an old room somewhere, then Vincent emerges through a secret door to paint 26 of his finest masterpieces … purely for us.”

What a story. We’re pleased the saved the tapes and we’re sure the world will feel blessed when they get to listen to the lost old tracks very soon! We can’t wait…

The Fate of the Furious Super Bowl Commercial Reveals Plot Points; Looks AWESOME!


Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges, Helen Mirren, Tyrese Gibson, Scott Eastwood, Nathalie Emmanuel, Elsa Ptaky and Kurt Russell. That’s quite a cast, huh? Well, yeah. And it needs to be. The Fate of the Furious (aka The Fast and the Furious 8, aka Furious 8) is looking like being quite the movie…

It’s due out in about four months and could well be 2017’s first unmissable blockbuster. Up until now, though? We’ve had to make do with teaser trailers and rumors. But the Super Bowl commercial aired on Sunday night gave us our first real glimpse at what’s actually in store for the eighth (and final?) installment of the franchise.

Here’s how the official synopsis outlines the movie’s plot: ‘Now that Dom and Letty are on their honeymoon and Brian and Mia have retired from the game — and the rest of the crew has been exonerated — the globetrotting team has found a semblance of a normal life. But when a mysterious woman (Oscar® winner Charlize Theron) seduces Dom into the world of crime he can’t seem to escape and a betrayal of those closest to him, they will face trials that will test them as never before.’

Fate of the Furious

‘From the shores of Cuba and the streets of New York City to the icy plains off the arctic Barents Sea, our elite force will crisscross the globe to stop an anarchist from unleashing chaos on the world’s stage… And to bring home the man who made them a family…’

Fate of the Furious

‘Family No More’... The Fate of the Furious hits theaters April 14.

Fate of the Furious

Here it is, that full Fate of the Furious Super Bowl trailer:

The Simpsons Eerily Predicted Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance FIVE Years Ago!


Did you ever see that Simpsons episode where they basically predicted that Donald Trump would one day become US President? It was pretty crazy. But it wasn’t the only time that Matt Groening and his team of writers have struck pay dirt when it comes to psychic predictions. And they’ve done it again!

Lady Gaga’s recent performance at Super Bowl LI stunned pretty much everyone who watched it. Her medley of songs, along with some crazy technical effects and wizardry made it into one of the most memorable Super Bowl halftime shows ever. But it was eerily all predicted a full five years ago in a Simpsons episode. Right down to her ‘flying’, her costume and a few more details… Strange, huh?!

They even got her weird drone-based light show… Alright, The Simpsons writers opted for a cowboy hat instead of a stars n’ stripes in their 2012 episode “Lisa Goes Gaga”, but the show did happen in Houston (home of the cowboy hat…):

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Simpsons

Look, the flying AND the light show:

Crazy, no?

See the evidence of the team’s eerie prediction right here:

Mariah Carey Hits The Gym Rocking Heels And Diamonds!


Mariah Carey, as a global superstar performing hundreds of concerts every year, needs to keep in shape. So, a visit to the gym every now and then is a must. However, Mariah being Mariah, she can’t just throw on a pair of shorts and a t shirt like us normal people. Nope. When Mariah hits the gym, she does so in a pair of heels, fishnet tights, and a diamond necklace!

Running amok. @gunnarfitness

A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

Mariah took to Instagram to share a series of videos and photos of herself breaking a sweat in the bizarre outfit. The trainer-cum-heel number was designed by Rihanna for Puma, and Mariah was more than happy to give her pal a bit of a plug.

We must we must … 😉 😘 @gunnarfitness

A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

The revealing outfit must’ve proven a bit of a distraction for Carey’s fellow gym-goers. Mariah paired the fishnet tights with just a pair of panties, so a fair bit of flesh was on show, as can be seen in the photographs!

Climb every mountain 👊🏾😘 @gunnarfitness

A post shared by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

I might try wearing that outfit next time I head for a workout!

“Cash Me Outside” Girl Is Going Back Onto Dr. Phil


“Cash Me Outside, Howbow Dah?!” It’s now one of the internet’s most recognisable sentences. A true meme. Uttered by a thirteen year-old girl on Dr. Phil a short time back, it catapulted that young lady to superstardom. The internet went crazy over badly-behaved Danielle Ann and she got crazy famous, crazy quick.

And now? She’s coming back! The Facebook page of the Dr. Phil show announced the news recently by posting a kind of teaser trailer along with the words, ‘Look who’s back for round two!’

Since finding fame, she’s hardly been out of the news with a story about her being beaten up leaking online and even fake stories about her suicide doing the rounds. But she’s alive and well and returning to our screens soon…

cash me outside thumb

Are you ready for Danielle’s return? What sensational thing will she say or do this time around? We can only wait and find out.

Howbow Dah?

Here’s the Facebook post from Dr. Phil himself (well, whoever runs the social media for the show…):

She’s certainly entertaining…

cash me outside thumb

Check out the trailer for it…

NASA Sent An Identical Twin Into Space For A Year To Study Its Effects…


What happens to the human body when it’s in space? Well, you’d think we’d all know for certain by now, wouldn’t you? What with the amount of astronauts there have been. But while a lot is known, the science on the data isn’t exact. All scientists have been able to do is check what’s happened to someone on their return from space. But how do they know that change or whatever it is wouldn’t have happened anyway…?

Say an astronaut walks in space during a year away up there and returns with a stomach ulcer. Did space cause it? The spacecraft? The food? Our would he have got it anyway? Say they’re up for five years and come back with grey hair when they left with dark hair. Is this space behind it?

One way to tell? A twin study. Take two twins. Keep one unlucky one on Earth and send the other up into space. And that’s just what NASA did with the Kelly brothers!

NASA Astronaut Twins

Scott Kelly went up and Mark Kelly stayed. 340 days NASA’s Twin Study lasted and the results? Fascinating!

Scott’s ‘telomeres’ (the caps at the end of his chromosomes) grew longer in space. He also begun to host different gut bacteria. His methylation levels decreased too.

NASA Astronaut Twins

The results will really help NASA adapt their space program and make life easier for astronauts in the future. It’s also just great science and a really interesting story.

Find out more about the incredible, ground-breaking research and also more about the two twin brothers themselves here in this short video about it all…

Teacher Who Slept With Three Underage Students Found Guilty And Given HUGE Sentence With No Parole


Brianne Altice is the ‘hot teacher’ from Utah that has hit the headlines across the state, country and world after her high-profile court case caught the public imagination. Why? Well, she’s an attractive blonde woman, but one who preyed on underage boys for s*x. Oh, and she did so as their teacher…

Altice was arrested and later fired from her job working as an English teacher at the Davis High School in Kaysville, Utah back in 2015 and jailed later that year. She has since divorced and – obviously – lost custody of her children. The reason. Three ‘affairs’ or ‘forcible assaults’ on under eighteens at her school.

“They said this and that and made me feel good about myself. So I justified everything. There’s no justification for it.”


Brianne Altice

“I clearly lost sight of all my values and my principles and was seeking inappropriate means to address my own issues. Issues I’m very aware of now.”

I do not believe I grasped the gravity of the situation. This was my doing. This was no one else’s fault but my own.”

“This was not my ex-husband’s fault, or the school’s fault, or my students’ fault. These were my poor, poor decisions. I’m very aware of it now and I am very remorseful. I regret the decisions I made that brought us here.”

Brianne Altice

The three boys were able to positively identify Altice and prove what had happened by describing the tattoos on her body as well as explain the layout of her home.

She has been found guilty and sentenced to THIRTY YEARS jail time. She applied for parole and has been refused. She will have to now wait until at least 2019 to apply again.

Brianne Altice

Brianne Altice is going down. But not in the way she’s used to…

Here’s more on the story:

Matthew McConaughey Tells Hollywood And Liberal America ‘It’s Time To Embrace Trump’


With his trademark charm and southern drawl, a few wise words from True Detective and Magic Mike star Matthew McConaughey have gone viral. The content? Well, he’s talking about President Donald Trump and Hollywood’s reaction to him. And he’s talking sense.

He was speaking to British journalist and broadcaster Andrew Marr while promoting his new movie Gold and the subject came up. The Interstellar actor’s thoughts? Liberal elite types in LA need to stop preaching their views onto everyday people.

“Every single American actor or artsy type who comes over to London dumps on Trump. You all completely hate him. Do you think it’s time maybe Hollywood and the culture elite in America gave this guy a break?” interviewer Marr asked…


Matthew McConaughey Donald Trump

Here’s the reply:

“Well, they don’t have a choice now. He’s our president. And, it’s very dynamic and as divisive of an Inauguration and time as we’ve had. At the same time, it’s time for us to embrace and shake hands with this fact. And be constructive with him over the next four years.”

“So anyone, even those who may strongly disagree with his principles or things he’s said and done — and that’s another thing, we’ll see what he does compares to what he has said — no matter how much you even disagreed along the way, it’s time to think about how constructive can you be.”

Matthew McConaughey Donald Trump

“’Cause he’s our president for the next four years, at least, the President of the United States.”

It’s refreshing to finally hear a little sense from a big celebrity. We don’t back or oppose President Trump. But you have to at least give his administration a chance. We’re with McConaughey on this one.

Matthew McConaughey Donald Trump

Here is that interview. And it’s interesting stuff, for sure…

Diego Luna Will Play Tony Montana In The Upcoming Scarface Reboot

diego luna scarface thumb

It has emerged that Diego Luna will be playing the lead role in the forthcoming reboot of Scarface. Variety magazine revealed that the 37 year old Mexican actor will play the iconic Tony Montana in the remake of the 1983 classic. This will not be the first time that the actor has worked on a reboot, he can be currently seen in cinemas starring in Star Wars: Rogue One.

diego luna scarface 1

The original movie told the story of Tony Montana, a Cuban immigrant who built up a drug empire in Miami, only for him to destroy himself. However, the remake will supposedly be set in Los Angeles, and the lead character will be Mexican instead.

diego luna scarface 2

However, it is not all good news. Variety also revealed that the production has lost its director, Antoine Fuqua. The Magnificent Seven director had, to pull out as he will be filming the sequel to The Equalizer at around the same time Scarface will be in production.

Dancing Girl Needs Stitches After Pole Goes Up Her Butt!


A young Brit took to Twitter this week to reveal that she needed 3 stitches on her butt, after a bizarre mishap involving dancing and a metal shoe rack!

Bonnie-Lee Brown was having a boogie with a mate, when she decided to drop down into a squat position. However, what Bonnie-Lee didn’t realise was that she was stood right above a metal shoe rack, so when she did drop down, it was onto a sharp metal pole!

After the mishap, which was caught on video, we see Bonnie-Lee spring up in pain, as the pole ripped her dress, and left her needing three stitches, as well as an injection to prevent infection.

However, rather than wallow in embarrassment, Bonnie-Lee took the incident in her stride. She even posted the video to Twitter, along with the following description!

“So I ended up with a pole up my bum on Saturday night and had to have three stitches on my a**e cheek and a tetanus jab, how was your weekend?”

dancing girl pole up butt 2

However, she did want to make the following clarification!

“It didn’t go up my a**e, it went into my a**e cheek which is why I had to have stitches. You should see my bum it’s so bruised it’s unreal.”

Watch the video below:

Undercover Investigator Infiltrates The ‘Deep Web’ – It’s Dark And It’s Disturbing..


The internet is a huge thing. A behemoth beyond the imagination, it’s estimated that just 0.03% of it is indexed by search engines. Imagine that. The internet you know and surf? It’s not even a drop in the ocean. The rest of it? It’s known as ‘The Deep Web‘. Don’t confuse it with ‘The Dark Web’, though. The Dark Web is an encrypted network that only exists between Tor servers. A hidden network. The Deep Web is obscured, but accessible. Just not by Google.

It’s mostly dead data and vast swathes off useless old web pages. But in amongst it all? Illegal material. It’s a haven for child s*x offenders. Pedophiles lurk in the deep web, exchanging information, data, images and video files.

A woman – known only as ‘Pam’ – who works for the website Cracked, went undercover and infiltrated the deep web, spending months observing them, talking to them, gaining their trust and learning from them. She discovered a LOT of very disturbing information indeed…

Deep Web

She discovered an almost ‘mirror’ version of the internet regular people know and use. There are child predator versions of YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, Reddit, Pirate Bay… You name it. Search engines, image downloaders, video streaming, databases, the tech is strong and durable and there’s some real firewalling and protection too. Scariest of all? The sense of ‘community’ that exists, with site admins looking out for each other.

Pam also discovered that they are sub-sections of predators. Some claim to be ‘child lover’s who profess a heartfelt love for children and believe that adult-child relationships are possible and healthy. Others identify simply as ‘child molesters’ and don’t care for the emotional side.

Deep Web

Here’s an example of the kind of post that Pam stumbled across and that worried her so much…

“Hi thestruggle, [smiley face]

You have to learn to disassociate your thinking of pedophilia with hurting or abusing children. You have been brought up to, not talk to strangers etc when you was a child because your parents who think pedos hurt children passed that idea on to you & now your mind is confused …

The truth is, some people do hurt children but the majority of pedophiles (paedophile is latin for child lover — paed=child & phile=love) love children and would not hurt them or harm them in any way.”

Online Child Safety

It’s a disturbing world. Here’s more on what what discovered by ‘Pam’:

Liquor Store Refuses To Sell 92 Year-Old Great-Grandmother Whisky Because She Has No ID

Old Lady Refused Alcohol

Harlow, Essex, England. 92 year-old great-grandmother called Diane Taylor walks to her local liquor store.  She enjoys a wee tipple from time to time. A nightcap. A little whisky. So she grabs a bottle of her favourite – Famous Grouse Scotch – and heads to the checkout. Only she’s refused service…

Why is she not allowed to leave the store with a bottle of her number one booze? Well, it’s all down to her age. Outrageous, huh? She can’t be TOO OLD to buy alcohol, surely?! Well, no. The guy serving her suspected she was too young! Only without her ID, he refused to serve her.

The reason you ask for ID is to check that people are old enough. In England, where Diane’s from, you need to be eighteen years old to buy alcohol. But they run a scheme call ‘Challenge 25’ thee to make sure. If a shopkeeper suspects you’re under 25 he asks for your ID. Have none and he refuses you service. Look over 25 and he doesn’t need to ask.

It’s been a long time since Diane was last quizzed about her age with regards to buying alcohol. She turned eighteen way back in 1937!

Old Lady Refused Alcohol

“I asked the girl behind the counter to repeat herself three times, I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I thought it was a joke,” she says. I can understand shops being strict with all the youngsters buying booze but surely there’s a difference between a 92-year-old and someone of 18.”

“I ended up storming out in indignation. It is just ridiculous to ask someone of my age to prove they are an adult, I find it offensive.”

“I don’t see how anyone could look at me and think I needed to prove my age and I don’t have a driving licence anymore or a passport.”

Old Lady Refused Alcohol

The shop say they run a strict ‘no ID, no sale’ policy and apologize for the inconvenience.

We think it’s stupid, though. Why not just use some common sense right? What do you think…?

Hitting That Snooze Button Proves That You’re A Smarter, More Creative Person

How Much Sleep Do You Need

Sleep. We all need it, we all do it, we all enjoy it. But how much of it do we get? And how much sleep do you need? Scientists are often split, but the general rule of thumb is around eight hours a night on average. But – crucially – everyone’s ‘correct’ amount is different. Some people operate better with twelve hours of sleep behind them, others need only as little as five or six.

How about waking up? Do you wake up easily? Is it like a movie when you stir? Your alarm clock goes off, you’re upright instantly, turning it off, stretching your arms, yawning and ready to go? Or, like us, are you a zombie? Incapable of opening your eyes? Do you hit the snooze? Let’s face it – are you lazy…?

If you answered ‘yes’ to that last question, we’d understand if you were a little ashamed. But don’t be – new research suggests that hitting that snooze button, enjoy your lie-ins, being lazy is indicative of being more intelligent that the average person!

How Much Sleep Do You Need
Homer Simpson: Genius.

Not only are ‘lazier’ people who find waking difficult smarter, they’re also more creative. The reason may lie in the fact that cleverer people tend to be night owls. If you stay up later, you wake up later. Makes sense, right?

There are other ways of telling if you’re got more brain power than most. Here are some other ways to tell…

Quieter people have been shown to have higher IQs than extroverted people than scream and shout and talk loudly.

How Much Sleep Do You Need

Self-criticism is healthy. It shows self-awareness and awareness of your environment and how you fit into it. Self-critical people identify their flaws, work on them, better themselves and are smarter for it.

Finally – and this is a great tip – consider the Dunning-Kruger effect. It says that the smarter you think you are, the less likely you are to actually be more intelligent than the average human. Truly gifted individuals rarely believe they are more intelligent than anyone else. People who think they’re better are generally arrogant and don’t actually understand or value the wits of others.

Chilled Dude Posts Brutally Hilarious List Of Requests For The Man Having Affair With His Wife

Craigslist Husband

‘To The Man Doing My Wife…’ Not an opener you’ll read very often for an ad on Craigslist, certainly. Unless you live in Reading, Philadelphia. Where you might well have seen and read and laughed at a quite unusual ad on there written by a man whose wife had been cheating on him…

He had found out about the affair and left her. But he wanted to establish a few ground rules with the man who had usurped him at home. But in the most chill way possible. It was quite incredible!

They included some brilliant requests like this hilarious ones:

‘Please replace the toilet paper when you use it all. For some reason my 5-year-old son believes if it’s not there he does not have to wipe. We keep it under the sink, unless you can recommend a better spot?’

‘After doing my wife please use something disposable to wipe off with. The basket of clothes on the right is mine and the clothes are clean as my wife does not do my washing, I run out of time rushing to work. Last week my sweatshirt was crusty (thanks).’

Craigslist Husband

Here’s how the ad looked:

Craigslist Husband

Craigslist Craigslist

Our favourite bit? That end…

‘P.S. I’m going to take the kids to the Great Wolf Lodge on the 3rd of April for four days, I have a bottle of vodka above the fridge if you find yourself low on beer.’

Dude – we salute you! What do you make of this laid-back hero?

The Messed-Up Reason Why There’s A Toilet Next To The Rock’s Squat Rack


Gyms. You either love them or hate them. Some people can’t stand them, some have never even stepped foot inside one. Other people? They can’t get enough exercise and virtually live down the gym. Dwayne Johnson is one of those latter sorts. As you can probably tell from his physique!

Followers of The Rock‘s Instagram feed noticed something weird this week… Right next to his squat rack there’s a TOILET! That’s right. Luckily – for all his puzzled followers – he explained just why. Thankfully it isn’t quite as disgusting a reason as it could have been. But it’s still pretty nasty.

Here’s what Johnson said:

“Gunnar keeps a toilet in the rack, which is a whole other level of psychological bad as*ery. My old man used to kick my ass so hard in the gym when I was a kid he’d say, ‘if you’re gonna throw up go outside… And if you’re gonna cry than go home to your mother.’ If only we had this brilliant toilet in the gym idea when I was a kid, I would’ve never had to go outside.”

He does love the gym…

And check it – he STILL does the eyebrow thing!

Mornin' raise of the 'brow from my new (yet still dirty) West Coast Iron Paradise. We're doin' that 4am anchor thing again to close out the week strong. Shooting one big final additional scene for Hobbs and FAST & FURIOUS today. Bad ass Hobbs scene, so it'll be fun. I'll wrap that out this afternoon then switch gears, energy, tempo and definitely wardrobe;), to shoot BALLERS tonight. It's kinda crazy but in order for me to operate at a highly efficient/effective level, I need that 4am wake up to train like an beast. It's one of my anchors. Even at this "what the f*ck are you thinking at this stupid hour of 4am". Buuuuut remember it's the fun crazy ones that dent the universe. Find your anchor. Get crazy. Dent it. #4am #WestCoastIronParadise #DentingInProgress

A post shared by therock (@therock) on

Can you smell that? The Rock is either cooking something or he’s just thrown up… What do you think? Cool idea? Or just gross?!

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