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  • Nice Terror Attacks

    84 Killed In France As Terrorist Truck Driver Plows Into Crowd Of People

    A truly unbelievable terrorist attack has occurred in Nice, France, in which 84 people have died. More than fifty others are critically hurt after Bastille Day celebrations turned into one of the country’s worst ever terrorist atrocities. A large white truck loaded with grenades sped for 2km before hitting a large crowd of people walking […]

  • tyre production thumb

    The Process Behind Retreading Tires With This Machine Is UNBELIEVABLE!

    Did you know that you could retread tires? I didn’t! I thought they just got chucked away when they were worn out. It turns out that not only is retreading tires possible, it’s also an incredibly amazing process. The process is a perfect example of man and machine working together in harmony. The worn out tire is […]

  • Ukrainian dancers

    They Pause To Stare At Each Other. When She Turns Back Around? I Was STUNNED!

    Simon Cowell’s ‘Got Talent’ franchise has spread across the world like a wild fire. It’s not just America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent you know. The show is now held annually in no fewer than 58 countries, from Albania to Myanmar to Vietnam. Clips from these shows, featuring the most diverse set of acts you could imagine, are […]

  • why my child is crying thumb

    20 Ridiculous Things That Totally Ruined A Kid’s Day

    Having kids is hard work. There’s the sleepless nights, the tantrums, adolescence, and then you’ve got to find enough money to pay for it all! But it’s not all bad. Bringing up kids is one of the most joyful things in life. It’s also incredibly good fun. Here we have a selection of photographs of […]

  • muhhamad ali

    Muhammad Ali’s 10 Most Awe-Inspiring Knockouts #4…WOW

    This weekend saw the sad passing of Muhammad Ali. The boxer, formerly known as Cassius Clay, was probably the most iconic sportsman on the planet. From his conversion to Islam to his burning of his draft card, Ali rocked conservative 1960s America, and featured in two of the most epic sporting moments of history – […]

  • Muhammad Ali

    The Last Photos Of Muhammad Ali Shows The Full Shocking Effects Of Parkinson’s

    This past weekend saw the extremely sad passing of the greatest sportsman and celebrity to have ever lived… Muhammad Ali. He was aged just 74 and died as a result of complications concerning his Parkinson’s Disease. It was a battle that he eventually lost after bravely fighting the affliction for more than three decades. Fellow […]

  • funny teachers thumb

    These 15 Teachers Have The Funniest Ways Of Dealing With Their Students

    Teaching is hard. You have to constantly educate and inspire your students through learning, which is not always the most exciting of mediums. Keeping their attention for five minutes is tough enough, let alone 15 years! So the good teachers constantly come up with new ideas of engaging their pupils. And one of the best […]

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