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    Snake Eats Wallaby

    Snake Swallows Entire Wallaby (And Her Joey…) Whole

    Kuranda, Queensland, Australia. Now, we all know that that country is madness when it comes to nature. We brought you a snake eating another snake recently and thought that was crazy. But it gets more insane, apparently… Here we see a snake eating a fully-grown WALLABY! Worse still? The wallaby has a little baby joey […]

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    Faceplant MMA KO

    Wily MMA Fighter Uses INGENIOUS Faceplant KO Technique!

    It’s clever, it’s effective, it’s a fight winner. It’s the faceplant KO that’s going viral. Quick-thinking MMA fighter Luis Raul Alvarez has seemingly reinvented the knockout. And people are going wild for it! In what was a hectic blow-for-blow exchange, Alvarez produced a stunning KO from out of nowhere. And we’ve got it here for you […]

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    Snake Eats Snake

    When A Snake Eats Another Snake… It’s GROSS! Who Knew?!

    Queensland, Australia. The land of the creepy-crawly. And the creepy-slithery. Spiders and snakes run the place. They’re everywhere. If you’re an Aussie, you’ve just got to live with it. Sometimes, though… Sometimes you’ve got to do something. Get rid. Call an expert. Snake catchers Norman and Sally Hill are the people you need in Queensland. […]

  • Dog Eats Christmas Turkey (1)

    ​Dog Eats Family’s Christmas Turkey Dinner Before They Get A Chance

    Christmas. A time for family. And food. Eating food with your family, that’s what most people do over the Holidays. And the star piece? The Christmas turkey! Although there’s always one person who eats more than everyone else, isn’t there? And in this one particular family… It’s the dog! David Barrett was looking forward to […]

  • It’s Graphic And Disturbing, But This Film Is Saving Kids From Online Predators

    31 October 2015. 15 year-old Kayleigh Harwood starts talking to a man online. They get on well. In just two weeks the pair exchange 2643 messages. He’s nice to her. He pays her compliments. Eventually they meet… On November 14th, Kayleigh was raped, battered, killed and dumped in woodland by 28 year-old Luke Harlow and Stephen Beadman, 29. […]

  • Yolanda the Golden Retriever

    Hero Dog Calls 911 Before Pulling Owner Out Of Burning Building!

    Talk about a hero! We all love dogs. They’re fun, loyal, friendly and cute. But let’s not forget that they actually incredibly intelligent, talented and useful too. That’s why we have service and guide dogs. Yolanda here is a Golden Retriever. She lives with her owner, a sixty year-old blind lady in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. And […]

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