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  • Coby Persin Kidnap Prank

    Girl Gets Into Strangers Car, What Happened Next Truly Shocked Me…

    The Dangers Of Social Media. With almost all of us on social networking sites nowadays, the dangers associated with their use grow almost every day. But while most of us are adults and are pretty safe, for children and young adults? The dangers are there and they’re very, very real. But just how worried should we […]

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    Longest Truck

    Australian ‘Road Trains’ – The Biggest, Longest Trucks In The World!

    Australia. A strange country. Sure, the people are nice and the weather’s lovely. But it’s a treacherous place, with untold numbers of snakes and spiders and things to watch out for. Not only that, but place is HUGE. Cities are scattered along its coastlines, with thousands of miles between them sometimes… It makes logistics a […]

  • Funny Kid Pictures

    21 Photos That Prove That Having Kids Can Be Unbelievably FUNNY!

    ‘Kids say the funniest things!’ We’ve all heard the maxim. Heck, they’ve even made TV shows out of the phrase. And while it’s true, wee ones aren’t just amusing when they’re talking. They’re also more than capable of making us laugh with the funny things they do. And we’ve got plenty of proof of that […]

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    A Petrified Child Enters A Courtroom To Testify. Just Watch What These Bikers Do…

    Bikers Against Child Abuse International are an amazing group of people. Also known as ‘BACA‘ for short, they’re an organization of bikers whose sole aim is to help and protect children. Specifically children who have been abused. They carry out lots of brilliant work in the community and help cheer up kids and put on […]

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    Mysterious Photos

    These 20 BIZARRE Photos Have No Right To Even Exist…

    The eerie. The unsettling. The paranormal? Theories on the supernatural range from understandable to the downright fantastic. But whatever your thoughts and beliefs, it’s tricky to try and explain away many of the truly odd photographs that we’ve collected together for you here. Some are classics images from the world of the spooky. But others? […]

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    Smarter Every Day

    If You’re In A Car That’s Sinking, THIS Is What You Have To Do To Survive…

    Now, HOPEFULLY you and your friends and family will never need to know about any of what we’re about to talk about here. But we think it’s pretty important to have this knowledge anyway. What are we talking about? Well, how to escape a sinking car. So just how would you…? God forbid you ever […]

  • Garbage Man

    So Sweet… Little Girl’s Dream Comes True – She Meets The Garbage Man!

    Bloomington, Illinois. It’s the third birthday of little Brooklyn Andrade. Her mom is thinking about the gifts that she can get her. But she knows that her ideal gift can’t be bought. Little Brooklyn would love to meet her idol… But it’s not Elsa from Frozen or anyone like that. It’s someone quite unusual. The family’s […]

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    Gun Disarm

    Black Belt Marine Demonstrates How To Disarm Someone With A Gun In AN INSTANT!

    He’s a Black Belt in Karate and a former Marine. He’s a survivor of childhood abuse, an actor, motivational speaker and martial arts instructor. Victor Marx is basically a talented man who does a lot of things. But he doesn’t let his traumatic experiences from being a kid or a soldier weigh him down. Oh no, […]

  • Catches a Baby

    Doctor Rushes To Catch Baby As Mom Suddenly Gives Birth With Tremendous Force!

    This is a truly remarkable story. It was told to the TLC show The Untold Stories of the Emergency Room and it’s all about a very unusual birth indeed! One that the mom, doctors – and soon you – will never be able to forget… Dr. Mauricio Heilbron, Jr. recalls the scene at his hospital’s emergency room in […]

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